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The 2025 Subaru Forester debuts with a total redesign that enhances both its aesthetics and functionality, marking a significant evolution in its nearly three-decade history. This model introduces a bold new grille, striking headlight design, and modern geometric trim, blending rugged SUV utility with contemporary style. It retains Subaru's hallmark all-wheel drive as standard and offers a series of upgrades to its chassis and powertrain. The redesign aims to keep the Forester competitive in a bustling SUV market, maintaining its appeal to both adventure seekers and everyday commuters

Ordering Information

  • 2025 MY orders placed in June show an ETA of 08/24. Please check the available inventory. If there are cars on the ground, we can potentially dealer trade for different colors.
  • Submitting an order initiates the sales process.
    Until a deposit is received, the order is not complete.
    There is still a human being here to validate and answer questions.
    An option is available to simply submit a build or configuration.